Dartistics - R and Statistics for the Digital Analyst

As I was learning R, I had the opportunity to co-teach a day-long class on the subject with Mark Edmondson. He was wildly more skilled with the language and convinced me that my relative newness would help me clearly communicate and teach the basics to a small group of digital analysts.

Mark had the idea (I didn’t even know it was possible) to use blogdown to create a site that could be both the in-class content (augmented by lecture, live demos, and in-class exercises), as well as a post-class reference that could also be used by other analysts who were looking to learn R (and, ideally, some foundational statistical concepts and methods).

We later expanded that 1-day training to be a 3-day training that we conducted in the U.S., which gave us the opportunity to refresh and expand the site.

Since then, our maintenance has been pretty sporadic, but we continue to get feedback that it is a useful resource.

The Site: dartistics.com